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Poetic works.

How to write the perfect poem

So, I have been giving this some thought lately. I don’t mean it facetiously. How does one write the perfect poem?

What is the perfect poem?

Who decides what a poem is?

Who decides what perfect is?

Does that matter?

Here’s what I’ve got:

  • There is such a thing as a perfect poem, but it’s super-duper ultra secret and I can’t tell you what it is.


  • The first step in writing the perfect poem – or the perfect anything for that matter – is to have an incredibly brilliant, startling, completely true and utterly amazing  thought.

Barring that kind of thought, the perfection of your poem is pretty limited, so you should give up on perfect and just aim for amazing or brilliant.

Anyone have more insight on this? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

space, time, unicorns and flying pigs

I dream of distance,
of miles, of feet, of inches

the long stares down short roads
the short steps that accumulate on the sides of mountains

the winged leaps that do not land
but float to the absent place where clouds waste away

I dream of eternity,
of timelessness, of hours, of seconds, of now

the perfect watch
that sees the perfect heart
the hands that count
away the clock

the cloven feet that step along the path less chosen
horned and woolly, blind and vacuous – up the slope

I dream of space,
of lightyears, of novas and nebulae

the endless nothing between the microns
the long slip that becomes a wish of dust

the gill-less dive that leaves me unbreathing
into the abyss.

laying down

In a mess of mortar and brick
trowel and point, bucket and brush,
we lay down a level
until it is all square as it can be.

After hours of hose,
thick wires scouring red clay,
we agree: this is clean.

Dry hands crack. The cracks bleed.
Skin becomes pink and tender,
and  discrete tears puddle
just to prove the point
was not perfect.

Everyone smiles, everyone rejoices,
in this new place, that was shattered
and broken and edgeless.

I would marvel too, but I know
the impropriety of the foundation.

I smile too and wait for it to crumble.

odd thoughts in a candy store

Do you think your tongue so sugared dear
that all are enrapt by the sweetness of your words?
You are not the candy, alas, I fear
you think such things without the truth you are absurd.

Do you think your eyes are chocolate-bitter
that they speak to the little boys you’ve snared?
You are not the candy,  nor the apple fritter
just another hapless fool that love has dared

to push the limits of propriety.
Do you think that you are so pure as sweet?
Even in the whirlwind variety
of your foolish youth, such love is incomplete.

Sugared lips, and candied hips and a crushed walnut
do not true love create
Set back your dreams and girlish schemes
before it is too late.


with a flash of orange
a kestrel lifts a tiny mouse
up to the feces stained walls of her nest

her noisy chicks become quiet
as they eat

the remains rot over time
and the smell joins the symphony
of her droppings.