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an eclipse remembered

O the moon, he knows no god
only the vast trajectory of falling
close and then away

mouthing, “O dear god,
forgive me the tide and silver light
that guides every misstep in the night.”

O the moon, he speaks no lucid thought
but twists around the  axis of our foundation
singing silence through the velvet caress of stars

mouthing, “O dear god,
forgive me every crater and the dust
that remembers every footstep.”

O the moon, he asks no prayer
but meditates upon the grayest sea
for the sake of holiness that may not be

God for the Godless

A tall thin man with wavy dark hair sits down next to me. “Hey brother, good to meet you.”

“Good to meet you,” I gave him a wan smile and looked back up at the game.

“I had this dream, it was just awful” he started,” last night, you know, the kind of dream that sticks with you.”

I turned to him, “Yeah, you ok now?”

“I don’t know man, maybe?”

“What was the dream?” I asked.

“My father, he died when I was very young, I hardly knew him. but there he was coming out of this church. It was a bit like Saint Ann’s, you know all stones and a nice little yard around it, and as he came out there’s this roaring noise from the organ — not music just a raging wild battle cry type noise.  He walked over to me and my brother standing on the sidewalk, looked at us both a bit sadly, then grabbed my brother’s hand and pulled him toward the cemetery. I’ve been trying to reach my brother, but I been able to talk to him all day and I just have this sick feeling.”

I point at the bartender, he nods, “what can I get you?”

“Another Hennessy,” I shrug toward the guy next to me, “and give this guy another of whatever he’s having”

The thin man glances at me with a blush and lots of gratitude, “You’re a good man. Thanks brother.”

His phone rings a retro-ring that sounds like a real bell, when he answers he says, “yeah, that’s me,” then he turns white and starts to cry.

“My brother’s dead.”

a squirrel by the neighbor’s stoop

he doesn’t see me
watching him look around
for whatever it is
that isn’t nuts

i remember other squirrels
on other days
beneath this same sun
warm and heartening
as it proclaims spring
you nasty son’s of bitches
spring is here

i watch him burrow
his face into his armpit
wonder if his fur is soft
wonder if his belly is full
wonder if he knows
love is being seen

Outside the bar on a Sunday evening

eyes closed, a dark haired man
with dark brown eyes
stands in the darkness
imagining the world
upon a turtle’s back

this is Lowell, Massachusetts
he thinks, he thinks he knows
he thinks everyone knows
reality is this — but this is not
anything but now and here

he opens his eyes
pushes his hair back from his face
sees the world he could not imagine
and wonders if that feeling in his gut
is the motion of the turtle
through the starry sea

this is Lowell, Massachusetts
he reminds himself, he reminds himself
he is reminding himself everyone is forgotten
this is reality — but this is not real
memory is a fickle friend without anybody

Liverpool over Everton

Jerry is wearing blue jeans
and a white button down shirt
when I hear his gentle Irish accent,
“Hey man, how are you?
what can I get you?”

“I’m doing ok. Thanks.
I’ll take a Hennessy’s neat,”
I smile.

I settle onto a stool,
push my elbows onto the polished wood
and listen to the sound of everyone
cascading over the room like water
playing its way over a dam.

Liverpool is running
down the field in red
past the boys in blue
— a goal is coming
a goal is coming
a goal is coming

The announcer yells, “GOoooooaaaal!!!!”
and a few people look up and smile.
I want to care
more than I do
then Jerry pours the hennessy’s

I care less but smile more
who knows if I’m being watched
or by whom — all that matters is this smooth heat
and this moment alone
surrounded by people who could not care less
about me.

wherefore art thou faith

When the storm is over, the afternoon is fading and it is time to walk downtown. Schlepping through the miserable mess, Pawtucketville is sloppy with slush and snarling coeds angry at the last gasps of winter chilling their bones. I pass through them and by them like the spirit of the city unrecognized and unwanted in the moment.

The river is a friendlier local.

I stop on the bridge to stare at the water flowing over the rocks. I can hear it like some whisper from a stranger, but I can’t tell if it is the rocks or the water muttering under their breath.

There is meaning, but I can not repeat it.

I stand on the bridge by the river for an hour or more. The sun is setting, the shadows grow longer, but the voice remains the same.  I glance up at the smoke stacks lined up down the other side of the river, “Do you know what the river is saying?”

The smokestacks laugh at me and the evening comes with a smattering of stars.