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after mother passes

barefeet on oak floor
follow a creak to the door
full moon waits outside


green tea in the dark
the scent of the steam reaching
unseen for the stars


a brown bat dancing
between rough stars and smooth lake
– bites a mosquito


canada goose snores
in the thorny underbrush —
or perhaps a skunk?

Haiku: Prison Series

a butterfly
on a grapevine
waiting for sunlight

in blue dresses
twins make paper machet
masks of each other

a gentle touch
softest summer
in a sunlit glade

an endless blue sky
cloudless, and hopeless
over the county jail

orange dances
between proud lilies
sunshine rules the monarch

butterfly on my thigh
we both wait
for something to change

all the butterflies
except one

a fox passes
the glade
in summer heat

a cold starry night
a whole dream
only half a moon

zebra strips
the lions see nothing