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Rejecting my soul in favor of a song

humanity eats turkey
and says things like, “yes yes, of course
tomorrow, i promise”

so i choose humility instead.

humility eats tofu
and sings what it says in humdrum wordless tones like
“Laba laba lu laba lu … laba laba oo oo baby oo”

so I sing along as if
i know the words

Humanity laughs at me
because my toes are utterly perfect.
i denounce humanity
and wear a cardigan.

I say things like, “It’s always perfect
here in the neighborhood.”

Humility is disgusted, but still
my toes are perfect.

I shouldn’t have said anything. I should have just sung

the bloon
the blue balloon
the blues.. you loon
the blues… I lie.

Humanity is a prick, but damn, I love it.