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long about the break of two
a closed left eye
a taunt of blues
a raven tressed lass in the nude
in a window
fingers being rude

long about the pass of one
an eye half opened
a brunt of sun
a long locked lass with unlocked gun
in a window
wondering is she done?

long about the thought of three
two eyes open
a leafless tree
a pale-fleshed lass tries to see
from a window
just across from me

long about the hour of four
two eyes closed
a hard slammed door
a raven tressed lass in painted gore
in the window
where she stands no more.

of monkeys, mayhem, man and melancholy

fingers and thumbs – unopposed
counting nothing, all bananas
legs and nose

brown eyes, brown hair – feces
flying outward, all the stench
phylum class and species

of this, we all dare
to this we lope, we lounge, we traipse
we march – stomp-click


and this we revere:
a troop, a poop, a cantaloupe, an ear an eye
a nose well-picked

fingers and fingers and fingers and thumbs
the march goes on and we all go numb.

saying nothing

larry ate a cheetah
joey ate a kid
i only took a sip of tea
and pondered what they did

larry ran a circus
joey ran away
i just watched in silence
as they ran another play

larry was a monster
jimmy half as bad
i was almost worse, I think
i said nothing for the lad

larry snickered ‘handcuffs?’
joey smirked, ‘thanks so much’
i slipped off to die again
my keys upon the hutch

larry ate another
joey ate his kin
i sipped only silence
and that’s cruelest sin.

Raising Boys to be Men

in the monkey suit beside the bed
I saw the donkey snore his head
and twist the zipper as he said
“I think that I’d prefer mine red!”

in the monkey suit beside the door
i saw a giraffe and giggled more
and took a tiptoe on hardwood floor
unaware I suppose just what’s in store

in the monkey suit beside the book
I saw the Rhino sneak a look
and shake his head as if he’d mistook
me for some half-mad half-bad halfway-crook

in the monkey suit beside the pan
I saw the mommy make a plan
and grind her teeth to understand
what sadly only the good Lord can.

in the monkey suit my dear
there is no room for such things as fear

A Poem for My Friend Who Thinks We All Reveal Too Much

YOU desperately need to know my every inkling inked or scorned,
my every wink and burden born.

YOU (quietly) inherently desire, dear,
to know, to see my loves, my hurts, my fears,

YOU want, you need, you hope to know,
the when and where and why I go.

YOU smirk, you grin, you love my sin –
this is why we both work and we both win.

The voyeur in you (not so daring)
loves me loving and so caring –
weeps me silly, willy nilly,
as you ask yourself “Oh MY GOD.. I wonder.. will he?!”

Pretend if you want you’d rather not haunt
the snicker-verse of my snorts,
but I know the lie, behind every sigh,
and laugh when you’re out of sorts.