I have to say, I admire this guy I just met, Dom. I admire that he knows what he likes. I admire and appreciate that he is honest about it.  in his blog he wrote:

i hate poetry.

thats right, i said it. i hate poetry. it is a cop out. a sham. a bunch of crap spewed on a piece of paper that someone thinks is pretty. its the modern art of the literary world. anyone can write a poem, because there will always be someone else who says “wow, thats poetry”. the only thing that makes a poem a poem is because the writer, or the more laughable title, poet, says its a poem. if i put this paragraph on a piece of paper and said here read my poem, someone would find deeper meaning in it and call it beautiful. dont deny it, you know its true.” 

I have to say, a lot of times he’s right.

I worry about that a lot. I worry that I’m writing the type of poetry he’s talking about. I worry that I’m listening too much to sycophants. I worry that what I’m doing isn’t accomplishing anything. Reading a blog post like this reminds me to look more carefully and consider more closely what I’m doing and why.

So, to all the folks out there who hate poetry, thank you for making me think.