A Bio of Sorts


What I am willing to share about myself right now.

I was born, oddly enough. I have lived a while. Someday, I plan to die, but not soon.I suppose there is more to say, I’m just not convinced I should say it. I spent some time abroad, as a child, and I have been to more than half the states, though many of them little insignifcant ones.

I am utterly boring and completely devoid of any heart or soul.

Or maybe I’m not.

I am what I am.

December 3, 1970 was a moderately warm day in Melrose, Massachusetts. Six weeks hence, my arrival was scheduled, but then, as now, time tables were not my speciality. Be it my decision, or not, it came to pass that evening that I made my presence known to a small crowd of doctors, relatives and close family friends. The most important event at the time was the instant development of my relationships with my Nana and Papa. Those would be the two defining relationships of my life. On a less happy note, my poetry and rantings were then, also as now, unappreciated.

Years passed into countless yesterdays, as they are wont to do, and in 1972 a sister joined me. She was odd. Years have indeed passed. She is still odd. I love her. But. She is odd.

And yes, years continued on their steady trek in a uniform direction, again, i was joined by a sister. However odd I thought the first, the second was more odd still. Years have continued to pass. She is still odd. I also love her. But. She is really odd.

In 1980, my father took a job consulting on the construction of a nuclear power plant in South Africa. While this might seem unusual, he does in fact have a good deal of

experience in the field, and it wasn’t completely insane. He didn’t suddenly change from Peanut farming to politics or anything, he had been an electrician’s mate on a nuclear sub, then a lisencing engineer specializing in the nuclear field for a decade before.

We lived there for a couple of years, and returned home after his father died.

Meanwhile, I was going to school. Some folk might also see this as unusual, but most of those folk live in third world nations and eat far too much gruel for their own good. Where I am from, it is quite common for young boys to attend school and learn the basics of snide retort, youthful indiscretion, and pawing of imprudent young ladies. I was among the best in these, the most important areas, in school, in fact, in my senior year, I was selected as the “Class Flirt” thus validating a lifetime of poor behaviour.

In the years before, during and after highschool many things happened to me. Some of them broke my heart, and others filled me with joy. I would say that the most important events were, in order I developed a close bond and friendship with my mother’s parents, my grandmother died, and my highschool sweetheart and I had a VERY complicated

relationship that ended in an tragic pathetic, ridiculous sort of way.

You don’t really need to know this. I merely share it as I suspect you might be able to read it in the things I post anyways.

I was married December 27, 1991. My daughter was born July 3, 1992. My son was born June 3, 1993.

I started working at a daily newspaper in July of 1993. I taught myself HTML in 1995. I created a website for the newspaper i was working for in 1997. The competition liked it so much they hired me away in 1998. I grew weary of the daily grind in 1999, and took a job as a webmaster for the Mass Bar Association.

My grandfather moved in with me and my family in 2002 until his death the end of that year. It was, perhaps, the first time in my life that I realized, I am, regardless of desire or declaration, a man.

In 2007 I started a magazine called Shakespare’s Monkey Revue. In 2009 I lost my job at the Mass Bar, and I started my art studio at Western Ave Studios in Lowell a few months later.

In a nutshell that is me.

No it isn’t.

It is just a collection of words that might give you enough information to pick me out of a crowd.

But then again, maybe it doesn’t. It doesn’t mention my long hair, beard, and hazel eyes. It certainly doesn’t tell you that I’m 6’2″ or 189cm, and just under 240lbs or close to 110kg.

And even with all that…I’m not convinced that this tells you anything at all about me.

But in as much as any rational person might actually care…that is all I have to say about me today.

Paintings, Poetry, Digital Collage, Fiction, Crafts, Cards, Non-Fiction & WebDesign