10 Reasons to come to the Lowell Mass Memories Road Show Tomorrow

All you have to do is come to this COMPLETELY FREE EVENT at the Boott Mills tomorrow anytime between 10am and 3pm with up to 3 pictures and a willingness to tell why they’re important to YOU. You are the star of the Mass Memories Road Show.

10) Celebrate your family and your place in the community by sharing 3 pictures that tell historians what was important to people in the city of Lowell in 2012.

9) Meet other people and hear their stories of this great City

8) If you share 3 pictures, you get free entrance into the Boott Museum to learn about the history of the city of Lowell

7) If you have a family photo that you can’t date there will be an expert in hairstyles, fashions, and photo dating there to assist you.

6) If you have a picture that you’re pretty sure was in Lowell, but you can’t figure out where, there will be historians present to help you place your pictures.

5) You can talk to historians and archivists about how to uncover your family history and genealogy.

4) You can add your business and work to the historic record of the city. Whether you’re a restaurant, a club, a manufacturer, a lawyer or an artist – bring pictures of what you do and add it into the archives.

3) Find new connections within the community that you never knew – at previous roadshows people have actually found distant relatives just by seeing the pictures as they’re added to the collection.

2) Share your stories with people who are interested, and might even have been there too.

1) Become a star. Everyone that brings an image to the Road Show is one of of the Stars of the Show.

By sharing your stories, you allow historians and scientists to have a better picture of this city and state and assist them in figuring out what happened, when, why, and how – and how we can learn from it and make our world a better place. History is important!

I really hope to see you there.